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When the Add a New Payment Method form is displayed, via AuthorizeNetPopup.openAddPaymentPopup(), all fields are initially blank.  Our site has already collected some information in the Billing Information section and we'd rather not burden the customer with entering it again; is there a way to pass information into pre-fill fields on the form?

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Authorize.Net Expert



If you have billing info collected by a customer,  i am assuming that you are creating a customerProfile , if so you can pass on to Anet system using with billin...

Please clarify how you are storing the customer Info if not the above case.



We have a similar requirement. Prior to entering a payment profile, we check if the customer has a profille. If not present, the customer profile is created, The hosted page to then used to enter new payment profile data. For an order/payment taken over the phone, the  entry person has to enter the billing name and address data twice. We would like to be able to set the billing name and address data as defaults for the hosted page.