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Account Updater deletes Payment Profiles stored in CIM due to the fact that they are marked as "closed" by the issuing bank.  However, some customers continue to re-enter the same card details month after month showing that this is fact a false positive.


When attempting to process a payment against these cards, they are succesful, and don't return a closed status.   There is a flaw in the data passed by the banks to account updater, or in updater itself.


In my limited testing, I discovered this was happening to several % of my cards every single month costing me thousands in revenu in a pretty short amount of time.


Several other users have noticed the same problem 

Read the support forum thread


My guess is that if everyone who used CIM and account updater looked at their monthly updater report, and checked the last 4 of cards deleted, they would find that it's deleting some of the same customers credit cards every single month!



The account updater sales page states that, "It costs 7 times more to get a new customer than to keep a current one."  yet account updater is deleting active card data every single month.


Three potential solutions:


  1.  Don't delete any payment profiles ever - only update. 
  2.  If we must delete, only delete payment profiles that have been marked as closed by account updater, and also have a declined authorization.
  3. Allow users to choose which cards to run the account updater on.  I for example would choose to only run the account updater on accounts that had failed billing attempts. 


Since I've been told by customer support that this can't be fixed, I would like to point out that Stripe does not have this same problem with their account updater, and in my testing, my card churn rate was much lower with Stripe.