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For Accept Hosted, when specifying hostedPaymentReturnOptions, there needs to be a way we can construct the url for the GET that includes values returned after successful authcapture in the receipt page.


When specifying name value pairs, we should be allowed to refer to DOM element values as variables and then substituted to construct the URL (and urlencoded) for the Continue button since the elements are present in that same receipt page as the button.


A suggested syntax is as follows:

"settingValue": "{\"url\":\"[$receiptInvoiceNumber]&receiptID=[$receiptTransactionId]\......"}"


The concept of variables could be generalized for use in other name value pairs as needed.


Thanks for considering.



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Just to followup, if you find working with Accept Hosted difficult because of the limitations like the above, might I recommend Accept.js?


You can actually now call a hosted payment form from JavaScript in the browser, and then return an encrypted representation of the card data back to your server to do all of the transaction processing server-side. It's the PCI-DSS profile of Accept Hosted without the worrying about how to figure out the transaction status and details.