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If you want to add some additional features to WhatsApp, you should download the Whatsapp Blue APK. This application will allow you to do more than just send messages. It will also allow you to make video and audio calls for free. You can even have group chats with many people. Whatsapp Blue does not require an email or a pin to download and install. All you need is your mobile number. This app has been updated with new features and is worth downloading.


It's possible to download the Whatsapp Blue apk from the Google Play Store for free, and you can even download it from the app archives. You can then install the app. It's as simple as dragging and dropping the files you need to. Unlike some other messaging apps, you don't have to worry about installing the application on your phone, which is a hassle. This application will automatically install itself and will allow you to save your data in the process.


Another reason to download the Blue WhatsApp Apk is the advanced privacy features. It has features that will allow you to back up your conversation, move media, freeze a previous discussion, and even delete it. You can even customize your settings so that you can hide the blue tick from others and keep private conversations. This is one of the best apps for messaging, and it's free! If you're looking for a new version of WhatsApp for your Android device, we recommend that you download the Blue WhatsApp APK.


Another benefit of Whatsapp Blue is its ability to customize the interface. Its developers have added several features that the official app does not have. You can change the colors of the icons and fonts, and you can even add a background image. The app also has an extensive collection of themes that you can use to further personalize the interface. This can make the application a lot more fun to use, and it will help you make the most of the many features it offers.


Blue WhatsApp is an excellent messaging app. It has everything that consumers could want from a messaging application. Unlike many other apps, it allows you to back up conversations, move media, and hide the blue tick. It also lets you save the last conversation and answer it automatically. The application is also incredibly useful for users who need to keep track of their messages and keep them safe. If you want to use the app offline, you can opt for the WhatsApp Plus apk.


Apart from being able to upload big movies and videos, you can also make GIFs out of your status. This app is more popular than the original version of the service. You can even hide your identity with it. It allows you to make video messages, GIFs, and GIFs. It even lets you play games. You can even record your own voice and use the emojis that it offers.


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