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(13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.

Having just suffered what I can only describe as the most appalling customer service I have ever encountered from a technical platform provider that will take me to other providers in future, I have been advised to seek help from the community from whom I hope some better help than "we're not developers and have no escalation path" will come.


Our site was working for weeks accepting payments. Today we changed the transaction key and ever since we cannot get the integration to work. I took a different approach and decided to try and get the sample code working - I downloaded the PHP SDK and modified AuthorizeNetDPM so that both URLs are live:


const LIVE_URL = '';
const SANDBOX_URL = '';


I then created a PHP script with 


AuthorizeNetDPM::directPostDemo($url, $api_login_id, $transaction_key, $amount, $md5_setting);


Hosted this on a domain and run it.


We still get Error 13.


I have been told error 13 happens:


1. When an account is closed (our account is open and LIVE)

2. When login or trans key are incorrect. I have checked more than 10 times and regenerated the trans key many times too to be sure - I am convinced the values are 100% correct.

3. When you post to the sandbox - well, I replaced the sandbox URL with the live url to be sure.


Under no circumstance do we get anything other than 13.


(13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.


I am now at the end of possibility with debugging. are utterly useless in assisting other than reciting support workflows that I have clearly shown to be completed. This has fried their brains and they have thrown their hands in the air blaming the integration.


I would be very happy to blame the integration, please do. But it's's own PHP SDK demo that is failing with our values.


Please help me before I jump out of a window.





copy the link, put in your loginid and transkey, run it in a browser, should get

3,2,16,(TESTMODE) The transaction cannot be found

if you are getting error 13 still. your key is not working


The link use AIM to do a PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE with a fake x_trans_id, and x_test_request=true just in case.