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2nd, 3rd payment + Subscription = customerProfileId + customerPaymentProfileId issue

Hello all! :)

Well, I have an issue with hosted payment page ++ subscriptions.
This is what I want to achieve:
- Make an initial payment (done) -> if the paid item is recurring payment -> create also a subscription.


Currently, I do a <createProfile> = true on every <createTransactionRequest> with <customer><email> = user's e-mail, so I can get both customerProfileId + customerPaymentProfileId.

All ok on the above if it runs for the first time.


The issue: if a payment profile have already created (for example a customer make a transaction for 2nd, 3rd etc time), the API <createTransactionRequest> returns an error - warning string, not the existings customerProfileId + customerPaymentProfileId on the service.

So I can't create the subscription via the <ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest> afterwards.


I tried to save on my db the customerProfileId + customerPaymentProfileId of the first transaction so I can use them, but what if a visitor use a different credit card? I can't make subscriptions based on my saved those values since could be an another credit card by same user.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Any idea?

The problem has to do with the use of different credit cards.

A user could use more than one credit card on the future.


ok I was able to find the solution via investigation.


Here is a solution: