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3D Secure - MasterCard SecureCode General Error

Good day,

I have been racking my brains trying to figure out this issue. I have called my processor numerous times (also over the past week to no avail.


I integrated 3D secure via a 3rd party and it's working perfectly with Verified By Visa. However, with MasterCard, I am getting errors on This is the error that I get .


General Error  (Processor error - An error occurred during authorization. If these errors persist, contact merchant service provider)


My website is built with and C# and I am using a dll called AuthorizeNet.dll,
where I send the authorization via that dll.


I have double checked my code and everything looks fine. I append the ECI and CAVV by using the following




I append the above variables the same way that I send the x_customer_ip, and x_phone variables.
In my dll, I do the following:


request.AddMerchantValue("x_authentication_indicator", eci);
request.AddMerchantValue("x_cardholder_authentication_value", cavv);


Again, this works perfectly fine for Visa, but fails for the majority of MasterCard.


To make matters even stranger, I do get some successful settlements with MasterCard, but always shows the CAVV Result Code: Not Applicable (even when 3D Secure was succesful)


I ran a little test, and I stopped sending the extra ECI and CAVV values for MasterCard, and I did not get any errors. Therefore, its definately an issue with the securecode settings somewhere.


Can anyone provide any clues? It would be greatly appreciated!!


So I dug a little deeper into the instructions that i found online for the AIM at


I went to the section called Transaction Data Requirements -> AIM Transaction Submission API 

and I scrolled to the bottom and found the section called Cardholder Authentication


Here i noticed a couple of interesting tables (Table #14, and Table #15) that I had not read before.

Specifically for MasterCard it says that you should send a NULL value for anything but an ECI value of 2. 


If you don't do this, this is what the instructions say. 


For example, when the MasterCard value for the x_authentication_indicator field is 1, the value for the x_cardholder_authentication_value field must be null. In this scenario, if a value is submitted for the x_cardholder_authentication_value field, the transaction fails validation and is rejected.


So I made my code changes, but I am still getting the General Processor Errors.  


I'm assuming that sending a NULL just means that I can ignore, and not send this field, correct? Or do I have to somehow send a string variable with a null value?


Thanks again





Hi GoldFeet,


The error you mentioned you are getting (General Error  (Processor error - An error occurred during authorization. If these errors persist, contact merchant service provider)) is not an integration issue. MY best recommendation is to contact your processor and make sure you are setup and enabled on their end to process transactions using MasterCard secure program.