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Does allow charging convenience Fees?

We have an integration with , and was looking for options if it would allow charging convenience fees.  

In other words does it have separate APIS or allow passing parameters to API so that a fee can be charged as a convenience fees. 


Please advise . 


@admin == Can you please respond . We are looking if allows

a> some settings at the account level which will allow them to charge an additional fees whenever a transaction request come for that account

b> have an API , where we will post the transaction amount but will create a new transaction with fees for that.


Hello @debasishbose2k


We don't offer an API or feature specifically for convenience fees, but you could use customer profiles to securely store payment details and then run two separate transactions for each purchase by your customer.



Hi RIchard


THanks for the suggestion . We did also thought of that suggestion as well that we will charge that transaction twice . However , the end customer , does not want to reflect their name in the 2nd transaction , on the contrary, they want the Payment processor(gateway)  to charge the 2nd transaction (fees) and that charge is not noted in our application . In other words , they want the fees charging as application agonostic  and consider it separatelty . I was told there was some legal/state mandated rules for doing that.


With that being said , can this is be achived via integration with auth net ? (ex when creating the profile , we select some flag which tells that always add a 2nd charge whenever a charge is made to this profile OR , as part of transaction, indicate whether a 2nd charge is needed and for how much dollar amount , OR any other solution)




@RichardH  -- One more followup  . In the event the need is constant , which means, for a particular Merchant account , is told to charge a fixed fees anytime a transaction is posted,  can that be done ? Do you have any account level feature , which if enabled/setup can automatically post a new fee transaction , anytime a payment is posted ? Please advise .



I can see how this feature could be useful, but we do not currently offer what you describe.

You are welcome to post this as a new feature using our Ideas forum. This will allow others to vote on and make suggestions to improve the request.



Do you do ecommerce? If this is in person the person cashing out the transaction can do this charge. If it is ecommerce I can’t think of a better way to lose customers than to advertise a surcharge for using credit cards. My primary background is in business, marketing, and corporate finance, and I do believe you are far better off just eating 3% of the transaction. To deny the whole sale on this amount is kind of tough, although there are a good number of industries where margins are so razor thin that this can be a concern. Going on 20 years ago I worked at a gas station. The cc fees eat into them good on gasoline, and they had an interesting approach - just charge everyone more, regardless of how they pay.