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AIM: Transactions by ID always returns "An error occurred during processing. Please try again.


I am using both SIM and AIM for authorization and capture.

SIM for AUTH_ONLY as i need to do some process related to my application before capture. 

and I am using AIM PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE using the transaction Id received from SIM AUTH_ONLY.


But I am always getting the reasonrespose code and response message as RCC_3_22 and NOT FOUND.


"An error occurred during processing. Please try again in 5 minutes."


Is somethig not possible to do SIM and AIM together or something I am missing or any setting I have to do it in my sandbox accouint?





Haven't read anybody having issue with the java SDK.

But you could try debug it

look like it build the aim data in method and see what is getting generated

private static HttpPost createHttpPost(Environment env, Transaction transaction)

Did you set the setDeviceType and setMarketType? that only use for card present.

As suggested, I have debugged the code and the data is posting to URL :


and I am seeing the response as HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 

So sdk returning as RRC_3_22


I am sending environment as SANDBOX.


Is above post url the sdk making correct?





No I am not setting any devicetype and markettype.



That is, look like the master branch on github was wrong, use the sdk-fixes branch.