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We are a family entertainment center and all of our customers are registered members. On our website the members will only be able to pay for their membersips. All member data will be stored in database and he/she will provide card details at the time of the payment. I don't want to store CC details in database to reduce our liability but I do want to store some relevant trasnactiondetails (like Auth number, Transaction ID, etc). What integration method would you recommend: AIM vs DPM. All of our sites are secure so that is not an issue.




DPM, so the CC detail won't be collect on your server.


Will DPM allow me to do some server-side processing before or after the call?

Thank you for suggestion but I've been learning about each method and I am leaning towards AIM. Looks all I need to send is a card number, exp date, amount and description to send your basic transaction. Response is pretty straightforward looking too and has both tre transaction id and auth code which I can easily store in a database. What's good about it is that I don't have to change existing shopping cart and model. All I need to do is add a dll and change button's onclick code. Do you know where I can fgind response codes and their descriptions? Thanks

Hello @faremax 


If you wish to securely store payment cards for future use outside your own database, you might consider using our Customer Information Manager.



Hi Richard,


Yes I saw that option but did not have time to study it yet. I am not sure if I need to store my customer's cards though. I know I will store Auth Code, Trans Id and last 4 digits of the card in case I need to access the transaction to issue a refund. Can you tell me why I might need to store card info?





Let me ask you another question regarding swiped/non swiped issue.  We have an existing application which has capability to read from Magtek reader and print to a POS thermal printer. As of right now it reads our membership cards and pulls customer data. So basically what I understand is that I can use CardPresentAuthorizationRequest to send that card data to Authorize for processing and it will be considered as a swiped transaction. Is that correct?



In a membership use case like yours, you might want to store cards so you can re-bill for the next subscription period without having to ask for their card details again.  Since you already have the payment information securely stored, you can provide options for auto-renewal or for your members to use an existing stored card which makes it very convenient for your customers.

Yes, you are right, having those options would definitely be very convenient and I am definitely going to consider it.