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API response error codes

Since the UX is all important, I like to give the user a suggestion as to how to handle any error that might arise. I've previously used AIM (for about 10 years) and used the response codes published in the pdf to give me an idea of what to say. Like "try a different credit card" if the card is declined.


Now I'm switching over to the newer API. Have the response codes changed at all or can I use the AIM and ARB .pdf manuals? I also have a copy of responseCodes.json, which seems to have the same information and is set up to actually have "suggestions" although not very many.


There will be very little likelihood of bad data being sent, as everything is prevalidated at least once. But I obviously cannot check things like the actual validity of a credit card, whether the credit line is too low, whether the system is down, etc., so those are the kinds of errors I need to explain.




Hello @AuthNet603


The response codes are the same, but it now includes all previous API methods not just AIM into a single response code set. The suggestions and additional information are added to the file when we deploy API Reference updates so they contain the latest information.



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