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ARB Rebillable

Is there an API equivilant to pressing the "Rebillable" button in the virtual terminal from an ARB Subscription?


We do not offer an API that will allow you to rebill customers based on previous transaction history, however the Customer Information Manager (CIM) API is available to those who would like to store their customer's payment information within their account for future billings.


CIM is a payment information storage service that allows users to create customer profile’s that contain customer payment information, such as credit card number(s) or bank account number(s), and prevents the merchant from needing to store secure payment data on their server(s). CIM API is used to initially submit a createCustomerProfileRequest and createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest that submits the customer payment data to our servers and, in turn, results in a profile ID and payment profile ID being returned to the merchants server. Each customer may have up to 10 payment profile’s stored within their profile ID to hold the varying types of payment methods that they may wish to use over time. CIM profile data may be created, updated and deleted from our system. CIM is a solely API based solution at this time.


More information about this connection method can be found at where you can find resources such as:

- Implementation Guides
- Sample Code
- FAQ's

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

The lack of a rebill function in API is by far our biggest gripe about AIM.  We run an online retail site, and occassionally our customers request exchanges or shipping upgrades that require us to do a rebill.   We have no choice but to have to log into website everytime this occurs.  A big waste of time.  I've been meaning to find another gateway processor that offer this capability.


I really don't understand why it's not offerred.  From a technological point of view, it would seem quite easy to make it available.  Perhaps there are business reasons for not offering it?


CIM is not for us because we don't otherwise process recurring charges.

Now in 2011...any chance that this has been fixed? Can we do rebill through API??




No. (FYI, it's not broken so it can't be fixed). If you want to do rebilling use CIM. That's why it is there.

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