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ARB Recurring : payment failed



I want to implement SIM and ARB on our futur eccomerce website.

We will do only recurring payment but the first amount is 120$ and then 60$ every month but starting 2 month later.

Since the first payment is 120$ so 2 month i will launch the subscription 2 month later.


My question concerning ARB is that what happens if a payment failed (expiration date, no money on bank account, etc...)

Authorize try do make the payment and failed so they send through silent post the result.


But after that how can we take back this money.

For example it was expiration date for the cc, then we make an update on the subscription and this issue is settled.

Does Authorize (ARB) will retry to take the money from the subscription ? do we need to make a single payment ?

How can we still be linked to this subscription ?


One more thing, does the subscription continue (every month) even if one payment failed ?


Best regards.


The subscription is turned off when the credit card fails to process. Updating it automatically turns it back on. If the payment that failed was the first one in the ARB subscription, it will try to charge that first payment again, otherwise it will move on to the next payment after the failure and skip the failed payment.


What most people do is charge the first payment with AIM, thus fairly well guaranteeing the card will work at least at the start of the subscription. Then you just need to keep track of how many payments have been made. If it's the first subscription payment that failed (the second effective payment, since you already charged via AIM...), you can just update the subscription and let it run. If it's one of the payments after that, you'll need to use AIM to charge for the missing payment.