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ARB SDK reactivate after suspended

Is there a way to reactivate a suspended ARB subscription once it's failed via the SDK? Or is the only way to to it to go update it in the website. Would like to have my users deal with these themselves rather than calling me and me logging into the site to deal with it.


Not sure about the SDKs but you can update it with the ARB API with the ARBUpdateSubscription method.


Tried that... when I call that method it returns an error that says a suspended subscription cannot be updated.

API Error Code: E00037

Error Code Text: The subscription cannot be updated.

Description: Subscriptions that are expired, canceled or terminated cannot be updated.

Are you sure the subscription status is suspended?

Actually, I'm not sure that was the error code. But yes, the subscription was suspended due to the first payment being declined (AVS failure) It definitely told me the subscription could not be updated because it was suspended.

A suspended subscription will be terminated if it is not updated or reactivated  before the next scheduled payment.  I would assume that this is what happened here.

It had just failed that day when I tried the Update request.


I know because I intentionally tested on one that had just failed because I was tired of dealing with them manually :)