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Hello. I use Azure Functions to host my webhook endpoint. For authentication you provide an API key as a code parameter in the query string, like so: However, attempting to add this as an endpoint in
I enabled Auto-Retry on ARB and ran into a transaction that failed, but ARB didn't suspend. Customer Service for this was a joke, where they insisted that it only suspends ARB if the first payment fails (the previous behavior to auto-retry feature) s...
I've enabled Auto Retry on ARB, but it still could use some work. I have SaaS software that is susbscription based. When the transaction declines, software gets shut down. Simple enough. Previously, I would charge their card for the declined payment ...
Is there a way to reactivate a suspended ARB subscription once it's failed via the SDK? Or is the only way to to it to go update it in the website. Would like to have my users deal with these themselves rather than calling me and me logging into the ...
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