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ARB: Set first month's payment higher than following months

Is it possible in ARB to set up the first subscription payment a little bit higher than the subsuquent subscription payments?  Client wants to take a whole dollar amount (ex. $1000) and divide it among the remaining months in the year (ex. 9 months).  That means I won't have 9 equal payments, so I am using calculations to make one payment higher to even everything out.  What I have right now is using the trial amount field as the first month's payment to even everything out, but I don't see a way to automatically send a notification when a trial payment has been made.


So the hope is to make one of the recurring payments a higher amount.  Are there any ideas or solutions other than the trial payment option?




Hello @hmhanson1316


Have you considering using a normal payment transaction for the first installment, and then using recurring billing for the remaining scheduled payments?



Administrator Administrator

Hi Richard,


That sounds like a great idea.  I am using a WordPress plugin (Gravity Forms), so I will check with the developers to see if I can run two separate feeds (a one-time payment feed and a recurring subscription feed) at the same time (when the user first submit's the form).


I will post an update here once I have an answer from them.


Thank you!

Now I know why this option would likely not work and it's not Gravity Forms related.  Our finance team wants all recurring payments, including the initial payment, to occur on the same day of the month.  With recurring payments, we can delay the start date for the subscription to satisfy our internal staff.