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ARB Silent Post with x_amount = 0

For many transactions, we are getting silent posts where the response code = 1, "This transaction has been approved.", yet x_amount is 0. When we look in Authorize, the correct (non-zero) amount was actually settled. Is this a proper silent post? If so, should we just ignore the 0 value?


Not  that is not correct, it should have the non-zero amount. It that always, or xx out of xxx?


After a little more investigation, it looks like our troubles are due to not submitting address information. In those cases, we get back a silent post with x_avc_code = "P" and x_amount = 0. Then when the transaction succeeds, we get another one with x_avc_code = "Y" and the correct amount. Is it ok to just ignore the "P" code posts? From the Googling I've done, it appears that "P" is a valid code that should not cause the amount to be 0.

I must be missing something. ARB would only do one transaction on the schedule date/time, if it fail it fail, how are you getting 2 transactions?

I don't know.

they have the same credit card info other then billing address? The submit datetime is about one right after the other?