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ARB Successfully Cancels But Doesn't

I have a silent post script which checks to make sure payments are not declined.  If they are, then their membership is deactivated.


For debugging, I have an email sent to me about the ARB response.  The ARB response for doing a ARBCancelSubscriptionRequest gives me a Successful message.  I login and check the ARB through and I see the subscription is still active.  I'm lost for words on this one.  Anyone have any ideas?  Below is the email I get to debug this issue.


Thanks for any help!


Class ParametersRequest XMLResponse XML

API Login IDxxxxxxxxxxxx
Transaction Keyxxxxxxxxxxxx
Authnet Server URL
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


Three more delinced payments can through today and Its doing the same thing.  Anyone have any ideas?

I have the same issue and need someone help too.
I used PHP and this ANET SDK to cancel some ARB subscriptions, but they seem not to be canceled although the SDK return true for action cancel.
This is the function which I used to cancel:
public function cancelSubscription($sub_id)
    $request = new AuthorizeNetARB;
    $response = $request->cancelSubscription($sub_id);
        return true;
        return false;
My database updated these subscriptions with the cancel status and I didn't receive any log after this action had run, so $response->isOk() had to return true. But in the ANET dasbboard, they are still active.
Is the ANET SDK which I'm using compatible with ANET API? Or should I use this ANET SDK to cancel ARB subscription?

I am experiencing this same issue.  I read a document from a google search:


page 21:


Silent Post responses are returned in real-time, meaning as soon as the transaction processes we send out the Silent Post to your specified URL. We do not necessarily update the subscription in real-time, however. This means that you should not use the Silent Post response to immediately update or cancel an ARB subscription. If you update or cancel a subscription before we have updated the subscription in our system, our update will overwrite any changes you may have made. You should instead simply collect the response data and submit any changes necessary in your subscription(s) later that day.



I asked the Authorize merchant help on this issue, and they quoted this same document.  However I could not find this document on the Authorize.NEt website!


They in turn told me to post on this forum.  I hope a representative from authorize can confirm the truthy-ness of this external document so I can update my API code accordingly.