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ARB does not cancel on failed payment.

I have been working with Authroize for a while now.  But I do not understand what is happening.  I use the silent post feature to attempt to cancel a subscription if a payment fails.  I get a succesfful responce when I try to cancel, but the ARB is still active.


Here is the XML and the respsonse I get.


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


When I look at this subscription within Authroize, it still says Active.  After doign a little research on the the forums, I see something simulair.


ARBCancelSubscriptionRequest not cancelling


But it was really never anwsered and it was back in 2012.  Anyone have any suggestions on what is happening?





Hi Wstar,


Please note that when you send an ARBCancelRequest shortly after one of the scheduled payments is run, the request will not work and when you check the subscription status it will still show as active. This is expected when you use production and sandbox account, when you cancel an ARB right after a payment is processed, it will not cancel. You will need to wait before running a cancel request.


If this is not the case and there are no payments process in your case, I believe what is happening here is you are seeing two status fields in the response. This was already reported to our internal engineers. For now please make sure to look at the status field with lower case “s”.




Let me know if this doesnt address your question.





Administrator Administrator

Do you know the approximate time I can cancel the subscription? Hours, days?

You would only need to wait a few minutes.