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ARB from prior tran instead of cc number?

The arb api doc requires a credit card number for new arb subscriptions. 

See pg 10, CreditCard xml element.


BUT, the online merchant interface transaction detail screen on the web site enables an ARB Subscription to be created from a previous transaction. 


I want to use the same capabiliy via an api--creating an arb subscription by sending a prior transaction id for a person. -- It would be also ok to use a CIM ref number.


Why: I want to create an arb without the credit card number passing through my system (to minimize PCI issues).


Is this possible now? Is it planned?





I would like to also raise my hand and say that i would LOVE to be able to create subscriptions via the ARB API using a CIM profile ID.  It seems like the logical way to do this instead of having to store the credit card numbers.  Please add this!  :)

We also need the ability create subscriptions via the ARB API using:

  • a CIM profile ID, OR
  • a previous transaction




Has anyone had success with creating a recurring charge via API from a previous transaction or CIM profile?

Want to know if there is any updates on this request?




Ok, where are thou' creative thinkers? Its been over 3 since htis feature was first requested. Perhaps is making some progress on this functionality?

Another hand raised for this.  Due to PCI we're using the hosted payment form for transactions but have no way for subscriptions.  Right now I'm having to write code to let humans know to go into the Merchant Interface and click the button. A method call for this hardly seems like it's asking too much.