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AVS response question

We use the AIM service. I am trying to determine under what conditions the AVS response will return 'N'.  I have some cases where the issuing bank rejects an authorization because the expiration date is incorrect (not expired but incorrect), but the address entered is exactly correct - but AIM returns N for the AVS response.  Does thismean that the bank is incorrectly setting its own AVS response to Auth.Net and they are just passing that along?  Or is this some kind of bug or strange feature of Auth.Net?



Hi krysto,


In short, the AVS verification is not necessarily performed if the credit card is declined for any other reason. Authorize.Net will always pass the value that we receive, but you should not make any judgment from the AVS status unless the transaction was otherwise approved.




Administrator Administrator

Thanks - But I am confused. If the only time the AVS setting is meaningful is when the transaction is approved, then what happens if everything is OK except the address is wrong?  Will the transaction be approved but AVS will be 'N'?  If the transaction would not be approved because of a bad address, then according to therule you gave we should ignore the AVS=N - so how would we ever know that it was a bad address that caused the failure?