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AWS and Github


I'm trying to set up a website through AWS, just for a bit of fun. I've set it so that AWS accessed the site files through a github repository. This repository is public.

I have some questions, does the repository need to be public, and if not, are there any extra steps to accessing it while it's private? If I do need it to be public, could this possibly be a security risk? With people being able to access the site files in that way?


Changing career from Sys Admin to AWS dev

I have been doing some sorta AWS work pretty much every day for the last few months. I could show off my work online if there's a repository on Github, but I have done tons of hands-on n projects that no one knows about except me. How would I go about showing that work online?
I have a couple of ideas like making YT videos or writing how-to articles, not sure if it is efficient