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Accept Hosted Forms keystroke issue

I'm using the Hosted Forms within a FileMaker Pro solution. The Hosted Forms are loaded on a FileMaker layout using a "Web Viewer" which uses the default OS web engine, Safari on macOS. 


I'm running into an issue adding cards where the cursor moves back to the wrong position while entering the card number. If I type slow, the issue doesn't occur. The hosted form contains Javascript tied to keystrokes, so I believe the issue is due to Javascript executing slower in this environment than in a normal web browser. 


Here's a video of the issue. In the video I make three attempts, in the first two attempts I enter the number and the cursor jumps back behind the last digit. In the last attempt I enter the numbers slowly and the issue does not occur. 


Any ideas, suggestions, explanations, work-arounds? Is it possible to disable scripts on the form? Is it possible that some sort of update to the Hosted Form scripts can solve this issue?


The same issue is not reproduceable on Windows 7 in FileMaker Pro.


This issue is reproduceable across an office of machines on macOS 10.12 and macOS 10.13.


Nothing has changed recently in the computers' software, nor in the FileMaker solution. Has Authorize.Net updated the Javascript in the Hosted Forms recently?