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Accept Hosted form 404 error

Were am getting a 404 Not Found console error when loading the Accept Hosted form in an iframe on the resource file


It is not referenced directly in the response source, but still getting the error in the console. I know it's a map file and probably not a big deal, but I would still like to see it resolved.

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I tested and cannot repro this issue.


Which browser are you using?





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Authorize.Net Developer

Hi @angie, my apologies for the delayed response. I had to pull off of that project for a while.


I get the error in Safari on Mac.


Interestingly, when I tested it in Firefox, I got a Content Security Policy error: "The page's settings blocked the loading of a resource at self ("script-src"). Source: onfocusin attribute on DIV element." followed by the same status 404 error on the attempt to load


Since we don't have any inline JS or onfocusin attributes in our code, I researched and found that Angular can trigger CSP errors unless 'unsafe-inline' is allowed in the CSP script src directive. (See


When I allowed unsafe-inline in the script src CSP directive, both errors went away in Firefox, however Safari still gives the same 404 error on angular.min.js (though no CSP errors).

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