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Accept Hosted iframe not working in iOS

We've been using the Accept Hosted embedded iframe for several years now. Recently we've noticed that the "Add a New Payment Method" link (to add a credit card) does not work on iOS. I've tried several different devices (iPhone, iPad) with different versions of iOS, but when you click the link, nothing happens.


This works fine in desktop and Android devices.


I'm encountering the same issue and was wondering if you, or anyone else, has found a solution.


Thank you!


I've opened a ticket with but they haven't determined the issue yet. In my testing, I've removed everything (CSS. JS, HTML) down to a completely bare-bones page which contains the Accept Hosted iframe, and still the issue remains.


It seems to only be an issue on iOS 12 (latest iOS version) which came out no long ago, which may explain why our customers are suddenly reporting this issue. I've tried embedding other iframes (non ones) which contain JavaScript, and everything works fine with that, so it is definitely related to's code inside the iframe.


I'll reply back once I have a solution from

I had opened a support case with regarding this and just received word that this is fixed now. Again, this issue only affected those using the latest iOS version.

The iframe is built to work with up-to-date versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is not supported by default, but you can use polyfills to make the iframe functional in that browser.



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