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Accept Hosting - basic questions

I've been using the plugin to Gravity Forms, so I have not had to know how to do anything except basically add the API and go. My site has been live for about a year, so I'm not using the sandbox anymore. Our visitors enter their non-payment info - name, fund to donate to, amount(s) - using Gravity Forms. It is then totalled, they enter their payment information, and then it is sent to Gravity Forms.


Now it has been decided that, for PCI compliance, we should no longer have our users input their payment information into Gravity Forms on our site's page, but rather redirect them to I've looked at the Accepted Hosting information, and the GitHub demo page, and they are both really above my head! I am not a programmer web designer - I've been doing this as an 'extra' part of my job.


What I need to do is still have Gravity Forms collect the general information as it has been, and have an form either embedded or be taken to an form - both with the same submit button. And I have to be able to implement this on a live site.


I'm pretty clueless how to do this.


Any help, direction of where I could figure this out, basic instruction would be very helpful.





I posted this a week ago and I REALLY need help. I'm not a programmer. In wading through this, I'm not even sure if I can do it. Any help would be appreciated.


My initial questions have been 1) does the token have to be part of the code and called every time the submit button is clicked? 2) Do you recommend embedded, popup, or totally new page? Does it make any difference?


I know I'll have more questions.





Hello @Marcy


Yes, moving to Accept Hosted requires changes to code, not configuration of your plugin.  You might consider alternatives to your current solution that support Accept Hosted or other modern integration methods with Authorize.Net


You can find a list of certified solutionst that work with WordPress in our Partner Directory.



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