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Accept.js is not loaded correctly

I've literally copied/pasted this code from the documentation for the Accept.js hosted payment form into an HTML file on my dev server. The documentation is available here: USING THE JAVASCRIPT LIBRARY (WITH THE HOSTED FORM)

There are no errors in JS Console. Disable Cache is marked as tick in console. The form is not loading on first try with disable cache.

The problem I am having is when you click the "Pay" button the form is not shown, only loader is showing. 
Take a look into screenshot attached




I am having exactly the same issue described here.


Has anybody found a resolution?


Hello Folks, no updates on this so far? 

I just ran into this issue yesterday with one user's machine. We were able to solve the problem by having them disconnect a multiple monitor display....I have no clue why this would cause the issue at all, but maybe that'll help us figure out the root of the problem.


I also have the same problem, hosted form stuck on loader when acceptcore.js is stored on cache when I clear chache it worked fine.