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Accept.js works in sandbox, production returns E_WC_19

I'm using  Accept.js


In the sandbox :\

I have no issues, I get a valid nonce response, pass it to


and I get correct responses of Denied or Accepted with AUTH codes and confirmation emails and settlement reports.


Using the production link :\ 

I get a response error of:

E_WC_19: An error occurred during processing. Please try again.


If I intentionally mangle the LoginID or clientKey, i get a response frm sandbox and production of a login verification error.


I would appreciate any help and guidance on this issue.  I have tried a new clientKey on the production side, but that did not help.


This has self resolved.

I asked client for temp login access to the production account, and they were not using the correct LoginID.


The interesting issue here is still what I believe is the wrong error.  If I use the wrong clientKey or wrong transKey, i get an error response that says there is an error with LOGIN verification.


With the wrong LoginID the response says to try later, which does not help speed up resolving the issue.  The client was presuming the software was in error and I was looking into network issues.


I'm having a similar issue but getting a "E_WC_21: User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values".


I know my API Login ID is correct and Public Client Key is also correct. In fact, I recreated the client key just to make sure but still throwing error.


I've essentially taken the exact sample codes from docs...


<div type=\"button\" class=\"AcceptUI payByAcceptHostedSubmit\" data-progress=\"0\" data-default=\"Click Here to Pay by Credit Card\"
data-billingAddressOptions='{\"show\":true, \"required\":false}'
data-acceptUIFormHeaderTxt=\"Secured Payment Information\"
Click Here to Enter Credit Card Details
<img class=\"authnetAcceptHostedCCEnteredIcon\" src=\"images/icon_checkmark_1.png\">


<script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8"></script>


Been stuck on this for 2 days now. Can anyone provide a suggestion please?