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Account Updater Feedback



I've experienced many expired credit cards recently which causes my system to terminate my members' subscriptions. After that they have to create a new subscription if they want to reactivate their membership. I'm considering enabling Account Updater but I'd like to hear from some people first to see how they like it. Any feedback is appreciated.


Also, does it cost per transaction only or does it also add a new monthly service fee?




Hello @blackwood821 


Account Updater fees apply when a card is updated only.  You may see a larger number your first run.



Administrator Administrator

I would read this thread about false positives for account closed


I've tried customer support, facebook and twitter... nobody seems to care or thing this is a solveable problem.


The account updater regularily and repeatedly deletes out active cards from your customer information manager. I honestly don't know if account updater gets you more revenue... for me it updated some expired cards, but deleted a lot of active cards as well. In the end I decided against using the updater because it was frustrating my customers.


However, I also use stripe and paypal, and they don't have this problem. Stripe is especially good at updating cards... my monthly revenue dropped 4-5% percent just switching to because of this problem. 


This problem is easily solveable, by simply NOT deleting our expired card profiles. If the account updater marks the account as closed, and the a transaction is declined then marck them as archived or something, but don't delete them. 




Thanks for the feedback @jn2010 . This is exactly why I wanted to wait until I heard some peoples' experiences. Hopefully somone from Authorize.Net will respond to this thread.


@RichardH do you have any insight into the issue @jn2010 described?