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Already using CIM...

Hi all,


My name is Peter and we currently had a succesful implementation of using the CIM API. We used a local developer out here in the LA area called RBZack. They are indeed very skilled. I have a question now though. We now want to change up our workflow but still be able to use CIM. Below is the current workflow:


- Customer places 1st order (credit card manually entered)

- Orders are then exported from eCommerce and placed into another database for customer care/shipping

- Shipping prints labels, ships out

- Orders are then updated inside of the database with tracking #

- Orders with all tracking #'s are exported and updated into eCommerce database

- Finance Dept. finally goes to Authorize.NET to manually capture the transaction (we want this step to be automatic though)


>> What can we use to update orders already placed to Authorize.NET? I know when the order first gets to Authorize.NET we can tell it to "authorize" the order right away, however we can't do that since we need to have the tracking # on the order first. Any ideas? Thanks so much for the assistance!


- Peter


Use the transactionID that return from the auth_only transaction.

Then, either AIM or CIM "Prior Authorization and Capture" transaction again that transactionID.