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Android InPerson SDK Timeout and Confirm Popup formatting

Our mobile Checkout App for Android Tablet is basically working.   Two issues:


1. if you don't insert the card within about 5 seconds of when it asks you to, you get a Timeout error.


Is there any way to increase the time allowed?  customers sometimes fumble around with the card.


2. When you do insert the card correctly, the you get a Confirm / Cancel pop up.  But the two buttons are packed together one on top of another - not appropriate for a touch screen.  Do we have any control of the layout of that popup?





Hello @krobson


I've passed your questions on to product management for an answer.



Administrator Administrator

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will be discussing these 2 issues with our developers today and will offer a correction as quickly as possible. A couple of notes for you:


  1. The time out is a fixed length but should be about 30 seconds. The behavior you describe is definitely incorrect, and we will attend to this immediately.
  2. Are you able to email me a screen shot of the button issue? The code is responsive code, and does format correctly on our test devices, so seeing what you are seeing would help us address this issue. My email is loconnor at

Note that there is a "headless" version coming out shortly that will allow you to fully control the UI, all screen prompts, layouts, colors, etc. The existing application does allow you to pass parameters for background color, font control, and a banner graphic but not button layout. I would only go "headless" if you have a branded POS app since that does increase the development effort, but we are working to ensure that choice is yours.


Thanks for reporting these to us and for your partnership in providing a remedy.


Larry OConnor

Technical Product Manager

Moderator Moderator

Hi, Kurt


I've done some checking, and the time out in the SDK is set to 180 seconds. We aren't seeing an early timeout in our testing here, so we need a bit more help from you.  Starting with the obvious (forgive questions that seem self evident, we are trying to eliminate all possibilities):


  1. Can you confirm that the reader has been plugged in and is charged?
  2. Can you send the reader the "check firmware" command and tell us what firmware version it reports?
  3. Which processor are you integrating with (this doesn't affect the issue you are reporting, just helps us offer targeted answers). FDCN and TSYS would be the 2 targets right now.
  4. Are you using Start EMV or Start Quick Chip functionality?
  5. With the firmware versions the 2 readers report, can you also give me the serial number of the readers?


Thanks for your help!



Moderator Moderator

Where would I find this "headless" In-Person SDK for Android version, please?

Hi @ohoppe 


Have you checked the readme file on the in person SDK andriod


It has a section on  Quick Chip in the Background without UI . 



Send feedback at

Thanks a lot, Anurag, for replying again, and for the valuable hint! I had gone through this ReadMe before but was under the impression that Quick Chip only works for VISA cards. Is that not true, and it works for all types of credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc)?