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Apple Pay - Customer Profile Creation - E00141 - Profile Creation With OpaqueData descriptor...

When attempting to create a customer profile with an Apple Pay token, I get the following error:


E00141 - Payment Profile Creation with this OpaqueData descriptor requires transactionMode to be set to liveMode


I found this but there are no other details provided aobut the error:


I have tried this in both Sandbox and the Production side and in both places I get the same error.  What am I missing?


This is our Gateway ID:


Thank you.

This gateway Id is for a production account (Merchant Name: Are you doing this in sandbox or production? If sandbox, then the gateway Id will be different. We don't see any apple pay transactions for the gateway Id you provided.

A sample request for creating profiles using apple pay is below:



    "createCustomerProfileRequest": {
        "merchantAuthentication": {
            "name": [ApiLoginId],
            "transactionKey": [TransactionKey]
        "profile": {
            "merchantCustomerId": "Merchant_Customer_ID",
            "description": "Profile description here",
            "email": "",
            "paymentProfiles": {
                "customerType": "individual",
		"payment": {
			"opaqueData": {
				"dataDescriptor": "COMMON.APPLE.INAPP.PAYMENT",
				"dataValue": [DataValue]
        "validationMode": "liveMode"



Authorize.Net Developer Authorize.Net Developer
Authorize.Net Developer

Yes, it is targeting the production side because I was told by that this functionality only works in production.


Also, please remove the company name from your rely.


I will try adding some of the properties in your sample to my request and see if it works.

Those changes had no effect.  Is there anything else you can suggest?


1. Can we remove the merchant name and gateway ID from this discussion? You have the information now.


2. Is there a better way to get support than this? We've been on hold with this issue for weeks now and it shouldn't be that hard to create a profile for Apple Pay, right?