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Apple Pay for Ecommerce platform with multiple merchants

We are an ecommerce platform provider and we have already integrated with Apple Pay and Authorize.Net. Every time we get a new client and put up a new ecommerce website, we create a new Apple Pay merchant id and upload the CSR from the client's account to create the payment processing certificate. We also create the Apple merchant identity cerficate for them also. However, I have read articles from Miva and Shopify for example, and apparently there is no requirement to obtain the CSR and create a new Apple Pay merchant account. Users can just go into the admin section of the platform and simply Enable Apple Pay and Authorize.Net. How is this possible? We are struggling right now because we have many clients and it is difficult maintaining certificates/renewals/etc for each one. Is there a way to create a "master" Apple Pay/Authorize.Net integration for our platform, and eliminate the need for each client to have their own Apple Pay merchant account? 


I have the same question, any update on this?