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Apple and Google play integration with backend

We currently have a .NET Core 2 backend. We have features exclusive to paying members only. We are currently using for payments and subscriptions.

Does apple / google pay return something that we can send to our backend as proof a payment has been made so that we could generate account information?


I found this:

Would I have to implement this on my backend and the mobile client posts to it?


So I did more reading and it seems like apple/google pay is only used to collection payment data. Then we have to send that to a payment processor like stripe or braintree to make the actual payment? Am I going on the right track?


I found this and it looks like I can give apple a url to post to with information about the subscription. This is exactly what I need. Howeverm it looks like google only has some kind of pub/sub thing? /voojio

There's no restful way to do it?