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Transaction status for eChecks, PHP

Does anybody know how to get the correct transaction status for eCheck transactions? In the PHP example on github, it is only showing three results:

 echo "SUCCESS: Transaction Status:" . $response->getTransaction()->getTransactionStatus() . "\n";
        echo "                Auth Amount:" . $response->getTransaction()->getAuthAmount() . "\n";
        echo "                   Trans ID:" . $response->getTransaction()->getTransId() . "\n";

Even if the transaction fails (the person enters wrong account number), the transaction status is "settledSuccessfully". Somewhere it does say that it's a return, how do I retrieve this information using PHP SDK?

For example, in the Python code, you can get "settledAmount" from the transaction detail request. Though I'm not sure what it would show for a "failed" transaction...

But basically, I need to know whether the person was charged successfully or that there are some problems with the transaction. I don't want to ping the system and get "success" and then get "fail" a day later. I need to get the last status when the transaction is fully settled (I was told it could take up to 4 days)....