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So, I've se up a website for my client and had to change hosts for the new site due to it not being Linux, but wants to keep his existing Microsoft SQL database on his old hosting (which has the relay for indicating paid vs. incomplete) Since I don't know too much about the backend is it possible to have the payment gateway to set up on the new site through the Event Espresso plugin and from the backend have the transaction confirmations relayed to his old database?


Event Espresso has its own database as well that has payment confirmations through the gateway. I want to keep that intact too.


I would think so - just find where the Event Espresso is connecting to the database and then mirror the database updates to the other database. Or run a script every few minutes that connects to the database over here, looks for updates, and mirrors them over there. Or set up a silent post page (if you don't have one already) and have that URL be a page on the old site that updates the database over there.