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Authorize Accept suite hosted form not returning failed transaction response

We are using the Accept Suite iframe method to integrate the payment form from

Everything works well as long as the transaction is successful. For a failed response, the api is not returning action=transResponse to the iframe. IT only returns action=resizeWindow.

we need the failed transaction to direct the user to the right page and also to record the reason for the failed transaction. 

Any help?



I experienced a similar problem when first working in this area.

Make sure that the iframe can communicate with its parent, and make sure the references match.


<% set response header("Set-Cookie"; 'ACTIVE4D_SESSIONID='+GET SESSION ID+'; Path=/; HttpOnly; SameSite=None; Secure') %>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="">
 <title>IFrame Communicator</title>

  To securely communicate between our Accept Hosted form and your web page,
  we need a communicator page which will be hosted on your site alongside
  your checkout/payment page. You can provide the URL of the communicator
  page in your token request, which will allow Authorize.Net to embed the
  communicator page in the payment form, and send JavaScript messaging through
  your communicator page to a listener script on your main page.

  This page contains a JavaScript that listens for events from the payment
  form and passes them to an event listener in the main page.

 <script type="text/javascript">

 function callParentFunction(str) {
   if (str && str.length > 0 && window.parent && window.parent.parent 
     && window.parent.parent.AuthorizeNetIFrame  && window.parent.parent.AuthorizeNetIFrame.onReceiveCommunication)
      var referrer = document.referrer;
      window.parent.parent.AuthorizeNetIFrame.onReceiveCommunication({qstr : str , parent : referrer});
 function receiveMessage(event) {
   if (event && {
 if (window.addEventListener) {
   window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false);
 } else if (window.attachEvent) {
   window.attachEvent("onmessage", receiveMessage);
 if (window.location.hash && window.location.hash.length > 1) {


 If you can trace from the response, look at the object structure to make sure it is being handled correctly. 

Trusted Contributor


The headers are set correctly, the frame communicator is working perfectly when a transaction is successful. The issue is only when the transaction is  not successful. In the above image, I have highlighted three responses. First is the one when the page loads, the second is when the transaction is not successful and the third is when the transaction is successful.

I am expecting action=transResponse to be passed as well when the transaction is not successful.

I know that does not handle all transactionRequest(s) the same as the production URLs. 
You may need to verify on the phone that your specific URL is supported, and try to explain the best you can what error condition results in an unexpected response body.

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We did verify in the production environment as well and it is the same behavior.  There is no transactResponse action returned when a transaction fails and hence, not able to explain the error to the end user.