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Authorize.NET - not supported???

I'm confused about something. I've been watching for a few updates that said Authorize.NET gateway was no longer going to be supported but thought the plugin/extension would eventually "fix" itself. A client has moved banks and they only support Authorize, but I do not feel comfortable using OR updating WooCommerce because of the messages. Can anybody confirm if Authorize has been discontinued because I still see a plugin on the Woo website. Has anybody continued to update their plugins and it still work (or crash)?


Authorize.Net by SkyVerge hasn’t been updated since July 2021. There have been quite a few Woo updates since then—I think the cadence is a new minor release each month.

Version 6.0 is so relatively new that it’s likely throwing that error as a precaution. However, the SkyVerge team are a bunch of pros that do a great job—they wouldn’t let Auth.Net not be compatible with 6.0 or 6.1. That would be a critical issue that they would need to address immediately.

No software is ever perfect, and there are likely some bugs here and there, but nothing that would break your site.