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Authorize Retiring IP, Email to Update

One of my clients received an e-mail that their Authorize.Net IP,, will expire and we need to update to a URL -- I am connecting to the gateway using WooCommerce and I'm unsure of where to swap the I.P. for the URL? Any advice would be helpful, thanks.


The same thing happened to us. Troubleshooting the issue has so far been fruitless:

  1. A thorough search through the files and databes for that IP address ( did not return any results.
  2. The only URLs in the files are as they are expected - and a few dev URLs.
  3. Pinging from both the server and my local computer both show

Could it be on the router level? The post by @stevelolz makes me think that it is more likely due to something WooCommerce related.


If you are connecting with a domain name in the URL and it's resolving correctly, you should be fine.  It's only when there is a hard-coded IP address specified for the connection that will fail.


Also, if you have any monitoring tools set to that IP Address, those should be changed as well.



My requests are going out through the old retiring IP, because my web application is hosted on a unix server and the following entry is been added to /etc/hosts Questions ----------------- 1. Will I need to remove/comment this entry in /etc/hosts? 2. After removing this entry from /etc/hosts will the URL - get resolved automatically? 3. Or do I need to replace the new IP in /etc/hosts

Hello selwyn,


You should remove all entries from /etc/hosts and use DNS to resolve the hostname.



Same as launchbrigade, client received notice about retiring IP address "which we noticed you are connecting to directly either for monitoring purposes or for your transaction processing" and search of our code shows transaction processing connects to


Could "monitoring purposes" refer to Authorize.Net account interface?

Hello @lowellalleninc 


In this context, website monitoring refers to using a 3rd party tool that periodically connects to Authorize.Net and determines if it is responding.


If your application connects to, no further changes should be required.



Is their a tutorial or some more information on how to check if my website is using this IP? Im using Woocommerce with Authorize AIM. Thanks in advanced for the help!


Hello @LazDev 


I would encourage you to contact the developer of Woocoommerce with Authorize AIM and check with them.



Thanks for the reply. In case anyone wants to know who is using woocommerce AIM, I have contacted the developer and this is his reponse:


The gateway doesn't use direct IPs so your gateway will continue to function after September 30th :)