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Prefill the credit card information when getting in the payment page

Hello guys,


I am new to this community and to and I have the fallowing scenario.


- I have a customer that is making a new order. This customer has an email address, a customer id and some other irelevant informations.

- When he is selecting to pay using he is redirected to the secure payment page (on the server).

- Because I have returning customers I would like to store their information (credit card number, etc.) and when they are again on the payment page the form should be prefilled with their billing information.


Is something like this possible ?

Is CIM designed to do something similar ?





If you storing credit card info on your server, use AIM

If you want store them use CIM


I want to use CIM, because I don't want any informations saved on my server.

But my question is: How do I use and configure CIM and so that when a returning customer arrives to the payment page (on the server) he can select a previously used payment profile or make a new payment profile.


My goal is not to have the returning customer enter the credit card information.


For hosted option on CIM, the customer enter credit card info on to create a payment profile, then they return back to your website, then they will pick which payment profile they would like to use for the order


Once they return to your site, you use the getcustomerproifle to get all the paymentprofiles


here the doc