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We have recently converted a Magento 1.7 site to using the Auth net direct post method.  It is built right into Magento, no special extension is required.  But since the switch, on the front end transactions are timing out.  I think they are going over 30 seconds and Auth net is timing them out because they are not getting a reply from out server.  The transaction still goes thru.  But the customer gets an error screen sayiing contact merchant to confirm order.  The only thing we can figure out is it is slow and timing out.  But we can't figure out why it would be timing out.


On the backend in Magento, when we go to refund a transation we get this error.  But we cannot find any issues with our SSL cert or with OpenSSL.  Running Ubuntu 12.04.  Fully updated.


SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed; Try to connect to:

Cannot save the credit memo.






Hello @mpersinger 


Are you still experiencing this problem with Magento on Ubuntu?

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Hi mpersinger,


You mentioned that your customers are getting an error screen which I believe is the relay time out error, please check this article.  The only reason you will get this error is if the relay response page specified fails to load within 20 seconds.




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We thought this problem was fixed.  But we are finding that about 30% of the time the transaction fails.  70% of the transactions go thru no problem.  It is random as far as which ones fail.  I think it is timing out before it can complete.


The order shows up in Magento as a new order but the status is "Pending".  And you can't invoice the customer on this order because it says no card has been collected.


But other orders come in just fine and they have the normal status in magento of "Processing".  And then they go to "Complete".


On the orders that say "Pending", it is like only half of the transaction works, the order detail looks like this:

  • Mar 31, 2015 2:36:44 PM|Pending Payment
    Customer Not Notified
  • Mar 31, 2015 2:36:44 PM|Processing
    Customer Notification Not Applicable
    Authorized amount of $13.12.

There is no error in the Magento Exception Log file.

There are no other notable errors in any log files


In the direct post log file you will see the ones that fail never get a [response] Array.  You will see a request like this one.  But then no response array comes right after it.


2015-03-31T18:21:35+00:00 DEBUG (7): Array
[request] => Array
[x_version] => 3.1
[x_delim_data] => FALSE
[x_relay_response] => TRUE
[x_test_request] => FALSE
[x_login] => ****
[x_type] => AUTH_ONLY
[x_method] => CC
[x_relay_url] =>
[x_fp_sequence] => 22651
[x_invoice_num] => 100002618
[x_amount] => 16.36
[x_currency_code] => USD
[x_tax] => 0.88
[x_freight] => 4.50
[x_first_name] => joe
[x_last_name] => smitt
[x_company] =>
[x_address] => some address
[x_city] => some city
[x_state] => some state
[x_zip] => some zip
[x_country] => US
[x_phone] => some phone
[x_fax] =>
[x_cust_id] =>
[x_customer_ip] =>
[x_customer_tax_id] =>
[x_email] => some email
[x_email_customer] => 0
[x_merchant_email] => orders@
[x_ship_to_first_name] => xxxxx
[x_ship_to_last_name] => xxxxx
[x_ship_to_company] =>
[x_ship_to_address] => xxxxxxx
[x_ship_to_city] => xxxxxxxx
[x_ship_to_state] => xxxxxxx
[x_ship_to_zip] => xxxxxx
[x_ship_to_country] => US
[x_po_num] =>
[x_fp_timestamp] => 1427826095
[x_fp_hash] => 760523d20c47468a14b8dbe26a571d23

[__pid] => 7479


The problem sounds very similar to this one:


Overall is seems like Magento Direct Post method with just does not work well.  It sometimes times out.  It sometimes works.  Very frustrating for a merchant.


Does anyone have any ideas here?