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Did you mean: has updated their SSL certificates

Today we had to update the SSL certificates on our server to re-enable secure communications.


They have updated their SSL certs. We found 3 certs which we updated to make sure the chain was recognized by our server.


Depending on your server type, this procedure will be different.


We are using ColdFusion 9 and had to add the certs to our java cert store.


We followed these directions to resolve our issue:


Why cant just post that they changed the certs?


I had this same issue with another vendor and they kept telling me they made no changes.


Server admins really need to learn how to communicate with their tech support people!




Hope this helps...


Steve Stout

Kagan Publishing


I am using coldfusion 7 here is a error message.  Connection Failure Please change the information entered, or return to the store.