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My question is whether the testing account is usable for eCheck transactions or not. If not, how can i get one which supports the testing for eCheck transactions?

I have registered a testing account in Authorize.Net. My testing API is AIM. I was lucky that all kinds of credit card transactions were approved. Then i turned to 

eCheck, and disappointedly, no lucky anymore. 


Here was my test result for eCheck:

Auth/Capture transaction can be posted successfully with a friendly transacton ID returned. One limitation here is the amount must be equal or less than 100.

Then i can find the posted transaction in Merchant Interface. It`s status there was "Captured/Pending Settlement" and wouldn`t change any longer. So i can`t test Credit

transactons for eCheck, as a Credit transaction must provide an original transaction ID which has been settled before.

Then i tried Unlinked Credit transaction. A friendly transacton ID returned as well, but followed by error message "RRC_4_193 : The transaction is currently under review."

What does that mean? What can i do with that message?


Can anyone give me any help? That`ll be appreciative.




Hi robytest01,


eCheck.Net is automatically enabled on all test accounts, but has some limits, as you've found, with the amounts that can be tested. Right now there is also an issue that is not settling the successfully tested eCheck.Net transactions. That's why you're seeing the transaction stuck in captured/pending settlement status in the Merchant Interface. We're looking into that now, but until it's resolved, you won't be able to test the credit functionality.





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Much thanks for your response, Michelle!


What about Unlinked Credit transactions?  Did my test result meet your expectations?

And what can i do with the error message "RRC_4_193 : The transaction is currently under review.", 

or how can i post an Unlinked Credit transaction for eCheck that would be approved by Authorize.Net?



All eCheck.Net refund transactions receive a "Held for Review" response. It is not really an error in this case as it is expected. All eCheck.Net refund transactions are held for review because in order to identify whether it will be successful or not depends on whether there are enough funds available in your eCheck.Net Settlement Statement when the refund settles. If there are, it will settle successfully. If there are not, it will fail.



Thank you,



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ECHECK transactions are never settling for me in my test environment.  CC transactions settle as expected, but I'm looking at approximately 15 ECHECK transactions with a "Captured/Pending Settlement" status.  Is there still some issue on your end or am I missing something? 

Sorry for the delay! eCheck.Net transactions do not settle in the test environment, so what you're seeing is normal--you're not missing anything! :smileyhappy:





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Thank  you

Did this problem fixed now?. How can we test error conditions for ACH return codes and Noc codes?