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Authorized/Pending Capture instead of Captured/Pending Settlement for most of the transaction

Suddenly we have been seeing that all our transactions in the sandbox is showing the status as Authorized/Pending Capture instead of Captured/Pending Settlement. Did anything changes in sandbox?

We have customer who are seeing the same in prod too?

  1. Check the API documentation: Review the API documentation and verify if there have been any changes in the way transactions are processed. Look for any updates or changes to the parameters or fields that could affect transaction status.

  2. Check the merchant account settings: Verify that your merchant account settings are configured correctly, including your transaction processing settings. Ensure that the settings match your intended processing requirements.

It seems this is related to the Fraud Detection Suite, 
Daily Velocity Filter
Hourly Velocity Filter
Suspicious Transaction Filter
Transaction IP Velocity Filter - I was having issue with this filter, since in my sandbox it was set to 10 transactions from same IP address per hour.  
This was causing my transaction with status Authorized/Pending Capture instead of Captured/Pending Settlement