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Automatically/Manually Settle TEST Transactions

I am working on incorporating Refunds and because my TEST transactions are not settled, I am not able to move forward.


Can my TEST transactions be settled automatically or can I get the capability to settle manually? I have read that the TEST transactions settle every 10 minutes, but that does not seem to be the case with my sandbox account.


A little stuck here. Any help or workaround would be greatly appreciated.


where did you read that? I remember it as being settled once a day. check your test account settings to see when it will settled.


I can confirm that  sandbox settlement occurs only once a day just like our production environment.



I read about it in this post... [removed by community manager]


I guess it does not make sense to me that I have to wait over 24 hours before I can work on my Refund processes.

Hello Jayagnew1,


To avoid confusion in the future, I've archived the previous thread you mentioned from 2010 which is obsolete.



Having to wait a full day to do integration testing is a HUGE pain in the arse.  Are there plans to allow us to force settlements or at least make the timeframe shorter than having to wait a full day.

Created an account just so I could comment on this thread. I am integrating with the Authorize.Net platform in 2024, TEN years after the last post in here and this is STILL an issue. I am needing to not only test my refund integration in real-time without waiting for fake batches to settle, but this will also be a problem for our QA team who will have to test this over multiple days, creating as many transactions as they can on the first day and then proceeding from there. It's absolutely absurd to have to wait for fake transactions to settle -- these SHOULD settle more often in the sandbox environment, if not by default then as something that can be enabled (either by the fake merchant account user, or by Authorize.Net).

If this is possible, please reach out to me.


Also just made an account to say this. It's ridiculous that the dev environment doesn't allow you to set up same day testing for these things.

Of course, while signing up for this platform the TOS I had to agree to was this:

Your community's Terms of Service go here.

So... yeah, Looks like this whole thing is neglected.