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Bank account to use in testing?

I apologise if this question has been answered somewhere;  I haven't found the answer.


I need an RTN (routing number) and bank account number that I can use for testing.  I've tried entering just any number but the charges get declined.  I was sent an e-mail when I signed up with including credit card numbers I can use for testing but not bank account numbers... 


thanks in advance - ekkis


I can't figure out how to edit my own posting.  I've found references on the net that what I have to do is use a real RTN and a made-up account number but that I need to have my merchant account set to "test mode".  I have been unable to find a setting for the "test mode" on the account but I tried my own bank account number.  it still got declined.


the code I'm using when I create the payment profile is:


AuthNet.CreateCustomerPaymentProfileResponseType pp = svc.CreateCustomerPaymentProfile(merchant, CustomerProfileId, paytype, AuthNet.ValidationModeEnum.testMode);


notice the last parameter.  I presume this sets transactions against this payment profile as test (although I've found no documentation to this effect).


what else can I do?


There's a test mode setting if you log into your account:

Enter your Login ID and Password (not the same as the API Login ID and Transaction Key)

On the left side click Settings under Account

Click Test Mode under General Security Settings under Security Settings



got it.  thank you!  what then should be the value of that last parameter?  what exactly does it mean anyway?  it seems to be present both in the customer profile and the payment profile methods.


- e

You can also set transactions to test mode individually. I'm not familiar with your API, however - I use the PHP API.