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Bill-to address info not populating in = rejected orders

Hello, I have a Drupal +Aegir set up using UberCart and + ARB. The first issue I have is that orders are being rejected due to no Bill-to address being populated with As you can see in my screencast below (Don't worry, it's very short), the order page shows no bill-to data was recorded, but when I look at the registration side, I can see that the bill-to address info was indeed captured. 

There seems to be some missing link where the bill-to address data recorded at registration is not being passed through to (but CC# and name is being passed through). So it's the missing Bill-to data that is causing the rejection on side. Any thoughts on why this address data is not being populated on's side?


I recorded a short screencast below. This is a fictious example with bogus info to illustrate the point that the bill-to address data isn't getting passed through.


Thoughts/leads? We have a couple SysAdmin guys stumped on this one.  Thanks!




Well, first of all, ARB does not do the first charge immediately, which means you need to do the first charge via AIM to both give you the first batch of money and validate that the credit card information is good. Is the cart doing an initial charge? Secondly, you need to find where the library is being called in the cart to assign the values, and then log everything (minus credit card data) to find out what's going on. print_r($mydata, true) will handle that. You need to determine if the data is there and not being assigned properly, or if it's missing and your site is incorrectly coded at that point, or what. Short of that, you can try to contact the UberCart people and get them to help you, it's going to be a lot easier for them probably than us.