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C# CIM Invoice Number not Sent

I am working on a nearly functional CIM system. I am getting succesfull CIM Authorize and Captures, and then succesfully pulling these with transaction details, however, the Invoice/Description/PONumber are not being sent. I believe my issue is similar to this:


However, My issue is different as I was using a method from CIM Tests that looks like this:


public IGatewayResponse AuthorizeAndCapture( string profileId, string paymentProfileId, string invoiceNumber, decimal amount ) {

      Order order = new Order( profileId, paymentProfileId, "" );
      order.Amount = amount;
      order.InvoiceNumber = invoiceNumber; 
      order.Description = "Invoice for Plan";
      order.PONumber = "SamplePO";

      IGatewayResponse actual = null;

      try {
        actual = target.AuthorizeAndCapture( order );
      catch( Exception e ) {
        string s = e.Message;

      return actual;

I don't seem to be able to add a new orderExType() and submit via this same type of target gateway request. Really all I need is to submit one piece of information that I can then later pull, as it is a reference to my database transaction ID, so maybe there is a simple workaround. Any help wuold be greatly appreciated.


When did you downloaded the SDKS

look like it should be working on the current version