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CIM - Credit Card Type

Using the CIM method, it doesn't seem like there's anywhere to specify the TYPE of the credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc).  Am I correct on that?  Is that really not needed?


(And if it makes a difference, I'm using the SOAP method for submission.)




Correct. The credit card number actually determines the type, since every type has a different numering format. There is no field for type, nor is one required.


Here is info on determing the card type if you want to provide the info back to the customer as feedback.


You should never ask the customer to choose their credit card type. It is a hostile User Experience (UX). It does not stop fraud, it just delays the user. Copy the pay pal UX if you wish--see their site for an example.


You never need the customer to tell a card type.




Is there a way to get the card type back from Authorize.Net, after the customer enters there card number into CIM?


Thanks a bunch!!