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CIM Duplicate AddressId - How to match with what customer entered?

We are integrating the CIM API and need some advice.


If an existing customer uses our "new customers" form to checkout and we get "E00039 - Duplicate exists" for the profile, the existing Id is in the "text" string which we can grab and use.  If we get the same when trying to add the paymentProfile, since there is no existing Id returned, we call getCustomerProfile, loop through the paymentProfiles and match by credit card and zipcode.  Works well so far.


However, when we get the duplicate error when trying to add the shippingProfile, we can loop through the existing shippingProfiles and try to match, but what do we use to match?


The employee I spoke with today said to use the numerical values in the street address and zipcode.  That could work, but what if the customer had two properties with the same house number but different street names?  That may be odd, but I want to cover all my bases.


This could all be solved if could return the matched addressId in the response when a duplicate is found.  Since they already do the matching with their own logic, why not provide that addressId like they do if a duplicate profile is found?  Seems like a small tweak on their end which would save us a lot of unnecessary work.


Thanks for any advice.




Thank you for the suggestion, we will pass this on to our developers but we cannot promise at this time that it will be implemented.




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